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Chandler Langevin Announces Run for Florida State House District 33

Chandler Langevin, Candidate for State House District 33
February 1, 2023

Chandler Langevin has announced his run for Florida State House District 33.

Florida State House District 33 covers the Palm Bay area. Coming into the 2024 election, Florida State House District 33 will be an open seat since current State Representative Randy Fine will be terming out.

Fine has announced his own run for Florida State Senate District 19, which will be an open seat with Florida State Senator Debbie Mayfield terming out.

Florida State Senate District 19 covers a large portion of Brevard County.

Langevin, having grown up in Titusville, is an avid outdoorsman and veteran.

Langevin enlisted in the U.S. Military at the age of 18. He was first trained as a Hospital Corpsman for the U.S. Navy, though he was immediately retrained to serve with the U.S. Marines as a Navy Corpsman.

Langevin had both deploys to Afghanistan as a NATO Liaison with 4th ANGLICO and again to the Pacific with the 1st Battalion 25th Marine Infantry, serving as a medic for a sniper platoon.

Langevin was later forced out of the U.S. Military when the Biden Administration had implemented its COVID-19 vaccination mandate on the U.S. Military. Langevin said he chose his health and principles over taking the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine.

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Langevin helped found youth program the Florida Scouts, which teachers outdoor and wilderness skills to children.

Langevin has traveled to over 30 different countries and has interest in SCUBA diving, hiking and shooting.

Langevin is on the board of directors for the Intercoastal Foundation, which works to restore the Indian River Lagoon. He is also an active member of the Republican Liberty Caucus, Moms for Liberty – Brevard, and the Space Coast Young Republicans.

Langevin also previously worked as a campaign manager for Florida State Representative Fred Hawkins during the 2022 Election, successfully working to electing Hawkins to office.

Langevin said in his press release:

“I was born with a servant’s heart. It was my life’s greatest honor to dawn my uniform everyday and do what was needed to keep the enemies of freedom at bay. I had the privilege of serving side by side with our nation’s heroes, and I had no intention of stopping. The Biden Administration however, chose to purge conservatives, many of our greatest warriors, by making them choose between their health or being a guinea pig for Fauci. Upon receiving my early Honorable Discharge, I immediately realized I needed to continue serving my country by running for public office and pursuing policies that protect our American way of life.”

“I make a commitment to the people of Brevard County that I will defend the principles of Liberty that I spent a decade fighting for. I will choose God over humanism, our children and parents over indoctrination, and our brave law enforcement officers and first responders over antifa. I will be a champion for less government, less taxes, and less regulation. I will be an ally of our great Governor Ron DeSantis in Tallahassee, and work closely with Sheriff Wayne Ivey here at home to ensure that our state remains safe, prosperous, and free for generations to come.”

“Chandler was my Corpsman in Afghanistan. He quickly gained the trust and confidence of each and every Marine on our detachment. I was fortunate enough to have him assigned to my team, and couldn’t have asked for a better Corpsman. I trusted him then with my life and the lives of our Marines and still do to this day. Then, like now, he demonstrates steadfast and fierce devotion to individual responsibility and freedom. I have no doubt in my mind that he will represent myself, our brothers, and his constituents without wavering. Semper Fi!” said 1st Sergeant Conrad Peirce, USMC Retired (Veteran of four combat deployments including Fallujah).

“Chandler is someone who I respect for his commitment to serve our country around the world and our community here at home,” said Cape Canaveral Mayor Wes Morrison. “He strives to emulate founding fathers like Jefferson and Madison, and is a vocal constitutional conservative. He will be a champion for our lagoon to protect our natural resources. He understands that law enforcement must have the tools they need to fight crime, and he will follow the DeSantis Doctrine to keep Florida Free.”

“One of the reasons I fell in love with Chandler is his passion for working with children,” said Jade Zalewski, Langevin’s significant other. “He spends countless hours working with our kids, or volunteering to mentor other children through our scout program he founded. I know that when Chandler goes to Tallahassee he will be a champion for our children and for parental rights in education.”

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