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Florida State Board of Education Approves Rules to Protect Children

July 22, 2023

Orlando, Fla (IRN) – On July 19th, 2023, the Florida State Board of Education took decisive action today by unanimously approving three administrative rules aimed at safeguarding the well-being of students in K-12 public schools and upholding parental rights. These rules were designed to further protect student safety and privacy and were passed during the 2023 legislative session.

One of the approved rules requires restrooms and changing facilities in K-12 schools to be separated based on biological sex at birth. This measure is intended to provide students with a safe and comfortable environment while using these facilities. Schools will now have to designate restrooms and changing facilities exclusively for biological males or biological females, and an option for unisex facilities is also available.

Additionally, the State Board mandated transparency in student records for parents. School districts are now directed to develop procedures that allow parents to specify any change from their child’s legal name in school. This move aims to ensure parents have access to accurate and up-to-date information about their children’s educational records.

Furthermore, the Board took steps to protect students from exposure to adult live entertainment during school-sponsored events or activities. This measure seeks to preserve the innocence of students and shield them from potentially inappropriate content at school-related functions.

Commissioner of Education Manny Diaz, Jr., emphasized the significance of these rules in safeguarding children’s well-being. He expressed gratitude to Governor Ron DeSantis, the Legislature, and the State Board of Education for their dedication to the health, safety, and rights of students.

In light of the adoption of these rules, school districts are required to update their student codes of conduct and ensure compliance with the new regulations on restrooms, changing facilities, and student records.

For further information on the State Board’s agenda and supporting materials, interested parties can visit the Department of Education’s website at

With the implementation of these rules, the State Board of Education aims to maintain an environment where children can be children, free from unwelcome influences and distractions, and where parental rights are respected and upheld.

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