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Governor DeSantis Calls For Special Session Over Congressional Maps, Possibility of Constitutional Carry Being Included

Front: Governor Ron DeSantis, Back: Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody
March 29, 2022; Updated April 30, 2023

Governor DeSantis announced he will be issuing a Proclamation to do a Special Legislative Session in the middle of April or sometime after Easter. The Governor right now is working on getting the dates workout out with State Legislative leadership.

The announcement came right after Governor DeSantis announced that he vetoed the Congressional map that the State Legislature put forward.

When asked by a reporter about whether or not data privacy and property insurance will be included in the Special Session, the Governor responded by saying he would like to see Property Insurance, Data Privacy and Constitutional Carry be added to the agenda. He went on to say that there were bills, such as these three, that the State Legislature failed to follow through on. He said he will be asking the State Legislative Leaders if there is any way that the legislation that died in the last session, can be passed through the House and Senate to him, so they can be signed into law.

DeSantis said that the Special Session will be only for the Congressional Maps, but that it could open up to other items being added to the agenda.

State Rep. Anthony Sabatini (R-Howey-In-The-Hills) has said the Special Session will be for Constitutional Carry, on social media posts, of which has been reshared by Florida Gun Rights. He has encouraged Floridians to sign his petition to support the passage of Constitutional Carry in Florida.

Left to Right: State Rep. Anthony Sabatini and former President Donald J. Trump

We reached out to Logan Edge, who works on Sabatini’s campaign, for comment. Edge said it “looks like Constitutional Carry could be on the agenda, possibly.”

Constitutional Carry has been held up for the past few years due to on-going public dispute between Sabatini and State House Speaker Chris Sprowls (R-Palm Harbor) over Sprowls inaction on Constitutional Carry and the fact that Sabatini went “scortched earth” on the House Speaker over the issue and others, such as Sabatini blaming Sprowls for not having the Parents Rights in Education Bill ban conversations with students about sexual orientation and gender in grades Kindergarden through 12th, versus the Kindergarten through 3rd Grade ban that was put into the final bill, that the Governor signed into law.

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