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Governor DeSantis Signs Proclamation for ending all Special Taxing Districts created before 1968

April 20, 2022

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced on April 19th that the upcoming special legislative session will now be expanded to terminate all special taxing districts created before 1968, the year Florida created its new State Constitution. A proclamation was issued by the Governor to expand the Special Session to include terminating the Special Taxing Districts created before 1968.

1968 is the year that Florida adopted a new State Constitution. This was done to fix some issues that were present in the 1885 Florida State Constitution.

This expansion of the Special Session is being done in response to the Walt Disney Company’s open opposition to the Parents Rights in Education bill. Disney’s opposition to the legislation came after some LGBTQIA+ Disney employees voiced their upset at the company not taking action against the legislation. There was a Gay, Disney employee who had publicly criticized the Walt Disney Company’s attacks on the Parents Rights in Education bill. Click here to read the employee’s Substack article.

The Parents Rights In Education Bill has been wrongly dubbed by some as the “Don’t Say Gay Bill” when clearly, it has nothing in the bill about not being able to say the word Gay. It literally just stops teachers from being able to talk about sexual orientation and gender identity with children in grades Kindergarten through 3rd Grade. Click here if you would like to read the Parents Rights in Education bill.

There has been a letter sent by Conservative Disney employees, wanting the company to be politically neutral.

There has also been some disturbing leaked video, of company employees talking about covertly pushing essentially a ‘woke’ agenda onto children, including pushing transgenderism. Transgenderism has been a significant topic of controversy across the Country.

Below are some of the leaked videos from journalist Christopher Rufo:

The video below is a response from Disney’s CEO Bob Chapek:

Disney’s response to the Parents Rights in Education bill has prompted Governor DeSantis to take action against the Walt Disney Company by proposing revoking the Reedy Creek Special Taxing District. The District consists entirely of Walt Disney World, giving the Walt Disney Company complete governing control over the district. It was created after rigorous lobbying by Walt Disney Company founder Walt Disney in the last few years of his life in the mid-1960s. The Reedy Creek Special Taxing District was enacted in 1967, a few months after Walt Disney’s passing in late 1966.

The prior Florida State Constitution did not have a provision to prevent the creation of laws that favor private corporations. The current State Constitution bans such laws from being created.

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