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Governor DeSantis at Vero Beach High School Football Game

September 24, 2022

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was at the Vero Beach High School Football Game on September 23rd, 2022 with Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis and their children.

The game was held at Sebastian River High School due to the field being too wet to play on at Vero Beach High School.

The Sebastian River High School Football Team had an away game on September 23rd.

Indian River News was able to take video of the Governor on the Football Field, including a coin toss he was invited to partake in. The Governor and First Lady’s son Mason got to toss the coin.

Click here to watch the video Indian River News took at the game.

School Board Member and Candidate Jackie Rosario had a chance to briefly talk with Governor DeSantis, who has endorsed her for Reelection. Rosario told Indian River News:

“It was an honor to have the Governor, his wife, and his sweet children toss the coin at our Vero Beach football game on Friday evening. He shared his love for our community. He also offered his continued support for my campaign for school board. Gov. DeSantis knew I was in a run off. He shared no concern that my opponent is endorsed by Charlie Christ. “You got this. Just let everyone know you have my full support. We will make sure you win this race. You just let me know how I can help and I will.” His words were reaffirming. His endorsement isn’t a political stunt. He really wants to align with those who have the same values and beliefs. I couldn’t agree more. When I talked with his wife, Casey DeSantis, she said, “I see you support parental rights, and are in it for all the right reasons. Thank you for what you are doing and for your willingness to fight for kids and families.” Of course I offered my support of their service to our great state. It was really nice to have them here. They are a lovely family. Gov. DeSantis is truly the leader Florida needs.”

Below are various pictures that were taken at the game.

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Left to Right: School Board Member Jacqueline Rosario with Governor Ron DeSantis
Left to Right: School Board Member Jacqueline Rosario wth Governor Ron DeSantis

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