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Governor DeSantis Announces $20 Million for Indian River Lagoon Restoration

January 23, 2023

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced on January 19th, 2023 close to $20 million allocated to support water quality improvement projects for the Indian River Lagoon.

The funding will be for projects that help with the collection of and treatment of stormwater to reduce the amount of pollutants that go into the Lagoon.

The funds will also include efforts for septic to sewer and other restoration efforts.

$255 million has been previously invested to protect the Indian River Lagoon. Projects invested that also include septic to sewer conversion and other necessary restoration efforts.

Since 2020, the State of Florida has put over $500 million to prevent excess nutrients from getting into Florida waterways.

$558 million has been allocated in the Freedom First budget for targeted water quality improvement

City of Fellsmere is the recipient of funding for the following for four projects:

  • 259 S. Pine Stormwater – Construction of swale conveyances, dry retention and control structures for micro basin ($250,000)

  • Alleyway Grading – Conversion alleyway system into stormwater treatment system ($1,500,000)

  • Stormwater Greenway – Conversion of unused rights-of-way into stormwater greenways ($1,750,000)

  • Micro system basins – Construction of micro system basins for stormwater treatment ($1,000,000)

“Investing in the protection of our waterways is a great way for us to ensure the long-term health of our natural resources,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “This funding will help build the infrastructure needed to improve water quality as we continue to make investments to protect and restore the Indian River Lagoon.”

“Decades of human impacts have resulted in impaired water quality in the Indian River Lagoon, specifically from nutrients,” said Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Shawn Hamilton. “As a result of the leadership of Governor DeSantis and unprecedented investments in water quality, the Department, in conjunction with project partners, is focusing on tackling the root cause of nutrient pollution.”

Indian River County residents have had great concern about the Indian River Lagoon in recent years, especially with an alarming amount of Manatees dying in the Lagoon in 2021.

Click here to view the full list of projects that will be funded using the $20 million.

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