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Governor Ron DeSantis Suspends State Attorney Monique Worrell for Neglect of Duty and Incompetence

August 9, 2023

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (IRN) — Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has announced the suspension of George Soros-backed State Attorney Monique Worrell of the 9th Judicial Circuit, citing her alleged neglect of duty and incompetence in handling criminal prosecutions. The move comes after concerns were raised about her practices and policies, which have been criticized for allowing violent criminals to evade appropriate consequences for their actions.

In an official statement, Governor DeSantis invoked his authority under Article IV, Section 7 of the Florida Constitution to suspend State Attorney Worrell. The suspension is based on allegations that her handling of criminal cases has endangered the safety of residents in Orange and Osceola counties by failing to ensure that violent criminals are held accountable for their actions.

Former Judge Andrew Bain has been appointed by the Governor to serve as the State Attorney for the duration of Worrell’s suspension. Andrew Bain brings a wealth of legal experience to the role, having previously served as an Orange County judge in the 9th Judicial Circuit and as an Assistant State Attorney under State Attorney Jeffrey L. Ashton. Bain earned his law degree from Florida A&M University College of Law and his bachelor’s degree from the University of Miami.

Governor DeSantis emphasized the importance of upholding the rule of law and ensuring that those entrusted with upholding justice fulfill their responsibilities. He stated, “The people of Central Florida deserve to have a State Attorney who will seek justice in accordance with the law instead of allowing violent criminals to roam the streets and find new victims.”
Attorney General Ashley Moody also weighed in on the suspension, expressing support for the Governor’s decision. She commended Governor DeSantis for holding elected officials accountable for their actions, especially when those actions compromise public safety. Moody said, “Ms. Worrell abdicated her responsibility as the circuit’s top prosecutor, and her actions undermine the safety and security of our state and Floridians.”

This suspension follows earlier concerns raised by Senator Rick Scott regarding the handling of criminal cases in the 9th Judicial Circuit. In a letter dated February 28, 2023, Senator Scott urged State Attorney Worrell to address the issue of violent crime and accountability in the region. He specifically referenced a series of heinous murders in Pine Hills and demanded answers and accountability.

In the letter, Senator Scott criticized what he called a “soft-on-crime” agenda and emphasized the importance of maintaining law and order. He highlighted the tragic consequences of lenient policies that fail to hold criminals accountable for their actions. Senator Scott’s letter underscored the need for swift justice and accountability to ensure the safety of Florida communities.

Republican figures across Florida have expressed their views on Worrell’s suspension.

Worrell posted on X (formerly Twitter) calling her suspension a “loss of democracy” and claimed Governor DeSantis was bullying her, calling the Governor a dictator. She also attacked his Presidential Campaign, calling it a “disaster.”

Florida Democrat State Representatives Ashely Gantt (D-Miami), Angie Nixon (D-Jacksonville), Michele Rayner (D-St. Petersburg) and LaVon Bracy Davis (D-Ocoee) held a virtual press conference regarding the suspension of Worrell.

In August 2022, Governor DeSantis suspended another George Soros backed State Attorney Andrew Warren.

Warren was suspended due to “incompetence and willful defiance of duties” due to signing a statement pledging to not enforce Florida law in favor of transgender pseudoscience medical treatments and other related transgender matters.

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