Category: Letter to the Editor

Abortion Legality

July 15, 2022

In any argument on a vital subject as abortion on demand, it is imperative that we analysis both sides affected by the argument. In all our courts of law, all parties involved in a disagreement have constitutional protected rights. These include The right to remain silent. The right to be represented by an attorney. The right to confront and cross-examine witnesses that testify against you. The right to testify in your own defense, etc. In reality, our current arguments for or against abortion, the party favoring abortions have never been aborted, but they still are legitimized participants in the for abortion argument. So the real argument has to be between those that want abortion legalized and those that have been aborted and cannot be adjudicated because the aborted ones have been denied their right to Life and as such they are forced to remain silent. Without the two parties, legally participating, those that demand abortions against those that have been aborted and, as such, their rights to self-defense has been denied, the case for abortions has to be throw out in all courts including the court of common-sense.

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