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The Left’s Next Move Forward. The Enlighten Revolution

August 27, 2022

If only 32.54 % of our voters turnout, we cannot correct the dumbing down of our children. What follows is an example of what their future will look like.


I have an Epiphany of new thinking and I want to thank the current Great Minds of our society for this new captivating experience. From the superior liberal thinkers of our society, we have been given a brand new historical Revolution. We have long passed the Industrial Revolution, and quickly went through the Technology Revolution, and the Information Revolution, so here is where we are now. We are in the mother of all Revolutions, the Enlighten Revolution. This is an extremely important change for us because for the last 6 Billion years we unknowingly looked at human beings wrongly. To illustrate how naïve we were, for the last 6 billion years, we viewed our first sight of a naked baby and immediately made a determination of which gender they were. Coupled with that ignorance, we narrowed those views to only two possible genders; Female and Male. We selfishly never considered the feelings of those babies. Did they want to be what they appeared to be, or did they want to be something else? Well! the Enlighten Revolution has now told us how wrong we were. And we should all now apologize to those babies letting them know how insensitive we really were. So as to completely transfigure myself to the Enlighten Revolution, I want to add another choice that babies should have a right to pursue. As we all know babies, will crawl before they have the will to walk. This crawling movements are accomplished by staying close to the ground and using their hands and their feet in a calculated sequence, to achieve forward and sideway movements. This is a clear indication that factually, from their very beginning, they instinctively do not want to walk upright. It was a mistake on our part to coerce them into walking up-right and obviously, against their own enlightened will. This was, and is, wrong. However adapting to this good fortune thinking, we can now offer these babies a secondary benefit. Since they are achieving movements using only their feet and their hands, and they have not yet established communications within their native language, it is the perfect time for them to identify with the animal species rather than the human species. With this, if they desire, they can abandon the human species and choose to identify as part of the four legged animal species. The family dog or the family cat are great examples of an ideal association. Thanks to the Enlighten Revolution, we can now erase those 6 Billion years of ignorance of only intelligent human species walking up-right on our planet, and now advancing forward, we will have millions of beings, that look like us, crawling along side us, and barking or meowing their joyful noises, as we transverse this pristine planet together. I personally cannot wait for the next revolution those magnificent liberals will, present to us.

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