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This is The Situation The Country Faces

September 15, 2022

INFLATION at > 8% month after month. Celebrate? Trillions of dollars dubbed as an ‘inflation reduction’ pkg but really is a climate pkg the answer? Trillions on loan forgiveness? Flooding money into economies never fixes inflation.

In California, residents are asked to raise thermostats not to use their AC as much & charge electric cars during certain hours. Hmmm…

College loan forgiveness – fair to those who paid their own loans and those of dependents? Someone said, ‘If the education isn’t worth paying the loan why is it worth it for taxpayers to pay for it?’

RAMPANT VIOLENCE: Sign of a society unraveling. Murders, robberies, etc. city after city. No punishment laws are ignored. Repeat offenders on the street committing serious crimes. Police officers retire; less cops hired. Cities need between 500 and 1,000 police officers. New Orleans officers can take 2 hrs to answer a 911! Why? No officers. Imagine waiting for 2 hours when being robbed! The atrocities that can occur in 2 hours.

OPEN BORDERS: Politicians swear borders are secure; IT IS NOT! 2,000,000 illegal immigrants crossed the border this year. Taxes pay for migrants. I believe in immigration. My ancestors were immigrants. Immigration must be legal. Sanctuary cities, please complain to DC. No one else.

FENTANYL: The drug is killing daily. Drug cartels bring it; China its origin; brought to Mexico; then through unsecured borders. In 2021, 71,238 Fentanyl overdoses rising from 57,834 in 2020. This year’s stats not available. The drugs often look like candy, rainbow colored. Children can be led to ingest the pills. A famous Khrushchev quote “We will take America without firing a shot. We do not have to invade the US. We will destroy…from within.” Is this what’s happening in the US by another nation? Research.

SCOTUS: the nation’s history reports SCOTUS reversed past decisions. SCOTUS cited Roe vs Wade was not a Constitutional right. It sent it back to the states to decide. A SCOTUS ruling in 1857, ruled an African American could ‘never be a citizen.’ RIGHTFULLY it was overturned. The recent decision being 50 years old has no bearing whether the decision is constitutional or not.

Don’t take anything as fact but research to determine how to vote this November. Don’t rely on newscasters/ newspapers. Get all information.

Our country’s existence depends on our freedoms intact. Censuring citizens is a sign of control.

I recall learning citizens of Communist Russia had no idea about our freedoms. When Russians arrived to compete here the freedoms were shocking. It is the reason many defected & requested asylum.

Research; don’t rely on TV/newspapers/or letters before voting.

Remember: Communism means property and economic resources are state owned Socialism- citizens share equally economic resources as allocated by elected government. Hard work does not receive rewards. Why do people flock here? The “American Dream”. Hard work, can mean you have a better life.

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