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Objections to Sorensen Property Zoning Change from Azalea Lane Neighbors

September 17, 2022

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Dear Neighbors,

We would like to bring to your attention a pending action scheduled to be announced at the next Vero Beach City Council hearing on September 20, 2022. A Sorensen family entity has for the second time applied for a change in the land use designation of 705 Azalea Lane to allow the rezoning of a residential lot from a single family home to a parking lot. This is currently a fully residential block in Central Beach on the east side of A1A where it intersects with Azalea Lane. The “applicant” owns (but does not reside in) this home and is attempting make this change despite the strenuous objections from neighbors and residents in the area. In essence, this land use change request is for the sole benefit of Sorensen business interests, despite it being detrimental to the neighbors. The City Planning and Zoning Board voted unanimously against and recommended denial to the City Council, yet this potential change will be up for a vote again at the City Council meeting on Oct 4th. We’d like you to join us and tell the City Council to deny the application and protect our neighborhood by maintaining our existing single family residential zoning.

The requested change would represent “Commercial Creep” into our residential neighborhoods, where a change made for one sets precedence for the next – meaning this could happen to you.

Central Beach has become a much sought after neighborhood with peaceful, charming streets consisting of residential homes the majority of which represent large financial investments. When a residential block becomes mixed used, charm diminishes, traffic increases, and home values drop. Let us help each other protect our homes, neighbors and investments.

Please tell the City Council to save our neighborhood and deny the land use/zoning change. Let’s raise our voices and make sure that no there’s no shenanigans or “home cooking” for the sole benefit of a self-proclaimed “local influencer’s” family business, which would ruin the quality of our neighborhood.


  • Robert Brackett – Mayor
  • Rey Neville – Vice Mayor
  • Honey Minuse
  • Bob McCabe
  • John Cotugno

Feel free to use the following message in your e-mail:

I am voicing my opposition to changing the existing land use designation & zoning at 705 Azalea Lane, or any other existing residential zoned area in Central Beach, from Residential to Professional, Office, Industrial, or Commercial. Please represent my voice and vote NO to the pending action on Oct. 4th.

Sincerely, Your Constituent, _________________

Again, the first mention is a reading only at the Vero Beach City Council meeting on Sept 20th. The second and final hearing on the matter is scheduled for the Oct. 4th City Council meeting, when public comments will be heard and the Council will vote to approve or deny. Everyone has the ability to make their voice heard and express their objection to the application. The home owners on Azalea Lane would greatly appreciate your attendance to support these objections.

Thank you!

Your Neighbors on Azalea Lane

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