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DeSantis needs to complete his term as Governor

March 22, 2023

There is no doubt in my mind that Ron DeSantis is the best governor in all 50 states but that doesn’t mean I want him to run for President.

I love his commonsense and traditional approach he takes with his policies.

DeSantis is a champion when it comes to parental rights, stopping the sexualization of our children, and making sure books in school are age appropriate.

He wants to keep CRT out of school as parts seem to teach hate for our country and white people.

I also agree with him that biological men shouldn’t be playing women sports.

DeSantis supports legal not illegal immigration.

His action during the pandemic separated him from most governors. He supported the idea that people should make up their own minds when it comes to mask wearing or getting the vaccine. Thus, Florida earned the label of the Free State of Florida which resulted in thousands moving to Florida.

But with all that being said, I hope Ron DeSantis will complete the 4 years of governor that he was elected to do just a few months ago. Can’t think of another who could take his place and be as effective.

Some are urging DeSantis to run for president because he has less baggage than Trump but the media will spin all his accomplishments.

His parental rights bill the media will report as the don’t say gay bill.

They will also come after him for his stand on Disney, elimination of advanced placement Black History course, firing of a judge who didn’t follow the law, banning sexually explicit books in schools, and changes he made at New College.

They will label him a homophone, a racist, and an authoritarian.

So I urge Ron DeSantis not to run for president. I don’t think he can win.

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