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Cureleaf 420 Bash Today at 4:20PM at Vero Beach Cureleaf

April 20, 2023; Updated May 1, 2023

Vero Beach Cureleaf will be hosting a 420 Bash today at its store in Vero Beach to Celebrate the Holiday of 420.

The 420 Holiday is a celebration of Cannabis.

The celebration starts today at 4:20PM. Address for the venue is 676 US-1, Suite 7, Vero Beach, FL 32960. According to the Facebook Event for the celebration, there will be “Food, Cold Drinks, Music and More.”

Click here if you would like to RSVP on the Facebook Event.

420 is not a holiday recognized by the U.S. Federal Government, Florida State Government or any of the local governing bodies in Indian River County.

Currently, Florida allows Cannabis to be used for medical purposes. It is illegal to use Cannabis recreationally in Florida.

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