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Conservatives at Fellsmere Day Event

April 4, 2022

Various local Conservatives were at the Fellsmere Day Event at Fellsmere City Hall today, to celebrate the anniversary of Fellsmere’s incorporation in 1911. Fellsmere was incorporated 14 years before the creation of Indian River County in 1925, when Indian River was split off from St. Lucie County.

The Hispanic Republicans of Indian River County (HRIR) was one of the Conservative groups at the event. Their Treasurer Susan Aguirre (R-Sebastian) told us their mission is to “educate and outreach” to the community “while maintaining conservative values at the helm, with the belief that our core values align with God, Family, Country.” Aguirre also mentioned that the club managed to register two people to vote that day when they were at a jobs fair event in Fellsmere; one person was 20 years old while the other recently became a U.S. Citizen.

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HRIR President Sandra Rivera and HRIR Treasurer Susan Aguirre with a citizen they helped register to vote, who recently became an American Citizen.

HRIR has had a lot of success with registering people to vote, since its recent founding. They had their first meeting last Thursday, which was very successfully, with many guest speakers, including Michael Sabga from the John Birch Society and Republican National Hispanic Assembly of St. Lucie County, FL Chairwoman Laura Roscoe.

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Michael Sabga from the John Birch Society

Next to the HRIR at the Fellsmere Day event was was State House Candidate Dr. Karen Hiltz Ed.D. She spent the day talking with constituents about her campaign for State House and had listened to the music performance that was put on by students from Fellsmere Elementary School.

Dr. Hiltz has been going around to various events as well within her District, meeting with Constituents as a part of her campaign efforts. She has regularly held meeting and greets over the past few weeks with Constituents, including in Barefoot Bay, which will now be sharing a State House District with Indian River County. Dr. Hiltz previously served as a School Board Member in Virginia.

County Commission District 4 Candidate Joann Binford had a tent at this event as well, talking with Constituents at the event about her campaign and their thoughts on local government affairs. She’s been meeting with many Constituents across the County over the past few months. She’s even started handing out signs for supporters to put up at their homes when ordinance permits in the County (which is usually around sometime in May).

Right, Foreground: Joann Binford, District 4 County Commission Candidate

Convention of States also had a tent at the event. Convention of States is an organization that is seeking to call an Article V Convention to Amend the United States Constitution to put term limits on Congress, something that has never been done before since the creation of the U.S. Constitution. For the Convention of States to happen, 34 of the 50 States need to submit an application for a convention to be called, to make changes to the U.S. Constitution. Currently, 19 out of 34 States so far, have submitted an application for the Convention of States to take place to put Term Limits on the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives, according to their website.

Two volunteers from Convention of States

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