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Florida Victory Protests Gas Prices at local Wawa Station and Registers Voters

April 10, 2022; Updated May 1, 2023

Florida Victory, a branch of the Republican Party of Florida, was protesting gas prices yesterday near Wawa on 20th Street, West Vero Corridor, near I-95. They were also conducting voter registration as well during the protest.

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Skip Broomell and Doug Broomell had a table setup to register voters

The protests have been going on across the United States at gas stations due to the rising gas prices.

People across the Country have give various reasons for the rising gas prices, ranging from President Biden’s cancellation of Keystone XL Pipeline, inflation, to the the war in Ukraine. Some have cited the war in Ukraine as a reason, because of sanctions the U.S. government put onto Russian government, since they invaded Ukraine. The sanctions included barring the purchase of most forms of energy from Russia. The lack of Russian energy, such as oil and natural gas, has been said to decrease supply, which led to an increase in gas prices in the United States as a result.

Republicans have held the point of view blaming the Biden Administration for the rising gas prices, specifically when it comes to the Keystone XL Pipeline being cancelled and the inflation. Former Congressman Dr. Ron Paul (L-TX) has blamed the Federal Reserve Bank and other factors for the inflation.

According to Gas Buddy, on Election Day in 2020, the Sebastian-Vero Beach-FL area had an average gas price of $2.06 per gallon. Today as this article is being written, the average gas price is $4.06 per gallon.

Tho Bishop from the Mises Institute told us regarding the inflation and President Biden’s actions, “while inflation in general has been impacted by policies test came before 2021, the Biden Administration has done things that directly impact gas prices specifically.”

The Mises Institute is an economic research institute that studies Austrian Economics.

Currently, there has been a nationwide effort among Republicans to register voters at gas stations amid rising gas prices.

Most notably, Republican Activist Scott Presler has been traveling across the Country registering people to vote at gas stations as a part of his efforts. This month, Presler will be traveling throughout Florida helping Republicans with voter registration.

Republican Party of Florida Field Organizer Karen Osbourne told Indian River News during the protest at the Wawa Station “we are encouraging people to fight by voting Republican.”

Indian River County Republican Executive Committee Vice Chairman Lamarrre Notargiacomo said regarding the rising gas prices and protesting “in Biden’s America, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. We need a red wave in 2022 and take our country back. We were energy independent under President Trump and Biden stripped it away in the first two weeks of his administration. We need people who represent our interests and put America first.”

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Republican Party of Florida Field Organizer Karen Osborne

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