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Local Residents Hosted Art Show to raise funds for Ukrainian Refugees

May 21, 2022

Local Residents Vera Titova and Larisa Pakalin hosted and organized an Art Show to help raise funds for Ukrainian Refugees in partnership with Global Empowerment Mission. The Art Show was held at Manor Auctioneers & Appraisers in the Indian River Mall. Click here if you would like to learn more about Global Empowerment Mission.

Titova is a local artist here in Indian River County. She has her own Art Studio in the area.

Those who donated at the event got a chance to win one of Titova’s pieces of art and a few smaller prizes. Notably Mark Pieloch had attended the event, donating a large sum of money. Many who had attended made donations as well. In total, the event raised $12,500.

Mark Pieloch is the President of animal food and pharmacutical flavoring company Pet Flavors and is owner of the American Car Museum in Melbourne, Florida.

Larisa Pakalin on the left and Vera Titova on the right. In between them is a colorful painting by Titova
Larisa Pakalin and Vera Titova with one of Titova’s paintings

All contributions made during the event will be going to support Ukrainian Refugees that were displaced by the war and are currently suffering as a result.

The event had Wine, Champagne and various desert foods for those who had attended.

1 / 2
2 / 2
Picture of desert table

The venue for the event was filled with Titova’s art work. Some of which was very realistic, to where they looked like actual photographs, due to their high quality.

Overall, the detail Titova putss into her paintings can be described as phenominal and very high quality.

Below are some of Titova’s paintings that were on display at the event.

1 / 6
Various paintings of women by Vera Titova hanging on the wall. The table has flyers and business cards related to the event. on the right there is a book with Vera Titova's art work.
2 / 6
Two paintings of Red Cars. The paintings are hanging on a wall. The upper painting looks like a newer red sports car. The other one looks like a car from the mid 20th century
3 / 6
4 / 6
Two paintings in the picture. The one on the left is a woman with a race car and an airplane infront of hte woman. There is a man near the race car. The other is a woman in a blue dress near the water, walking on rocks toward the water. There are a few white birds in the picture.
5 / 6
A man in nice dress attire giving a woman a rose. The woman is in a purple dress.
6 / 6
A beach side painting of a sunny day with palm trees

Also in attendance was the owner of the Indian River Mall, Felix Reznick, who is pictured on the right in the picture below with Larisa Pakalin and Vera Titova.

left to right: Larisa Pakalin in a yellow dress with some black color, Vera Titova in a grey dress that is patterned, on the far right is the owner of the Indian River Mall
Larisa Pakalin and Vera Titova on the left. On the right is the owner of the Indian River Mall

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