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$10,000 Reward for lost St. Bernard Puppy

June 22, 2022; Updated June 23, 2022

Update: on June 23rd, 2022, it was announced the St. Bernard Puppy Kayce was found deceased in a neighbor’s yard. An autopsy suggests she may have drowned.

A local family is looking for their lost St. Bernard Puppy named Kayce.

Kayce is female.

Kayce had escaped on June 4th after a rain storm that day after going under the fence in the backyard. Another, older dog, had escaped with Kayce as well.

When the owners went to go find the Kayce, she was no where to be found. The owners did manage to find their older dog.

One of the owners told Indian River News she suspects someone took her dog. She said Kayce is always near another person or older dogs. The owner described Kayce as being “overally friendly”.

The owner also mentioned the dogs have gotten out before, but have come back every time within a few minutes. She said the dogs always stay together.

Anyone with further information on Kayce’s whereabouts is encouraged to contact Vero Beach Police Detective Somoza, who can be reached at 772-789-4661. Detective Somoza can also be reached by email at Make sure to reference case # 2022-1076

You can also call 863-978-7644 if you have any information.

A $10,000 reward is being offered for Kayce’s return.

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