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Moms for Liberty Co-Founder Tiffany Justice Gets Horrific, Threatening Voicemail

August 17, 2022

Moms for Liberty Co-Founder Tiffany Justice received a voicemail message from someone calling Moms for Liberty members “racist Nazis” and that they need to be “brutally raped and sodomized.”

The caller also called them “fucking cunts.”

Moms for Liberty Chapter Chair Coordinator Pat Blackburn shared a video of the voicemail on Facebook, specifically criticizing Russ Lemmon and Ray McNulty. It’s implied that she found the two had enabled such an action like the one taken by the person who left the horrific voicemail for Justice.

This comes as within the past year, multiple negative stories about Moms for Liberty have been published by Russ Lemmon and Vero News columnist Ray McNulty.

Many in Indian River County, Florida have been upset with McNulty over his articles as a result of what he has written. Some have even referred to McNulty as a ‘blogger’ and have felt he lacks credibility.

Some have also been upset with Lemmon over what he has written in his publication, Lemmon Lines, about Moms for Liberty. Many have found the content of what he wrote to be completely false.

There has also been upset Indian River County residents over his recent ‘special edition’ of Lemmon Lines. Lemmon falsely asserted that the Crazy Corbin Says signs were put up for racial reasons. The Sheriff’s investigation clearly stated “there were no signs of racially motivated hate speech, slurs or Anti-Semitic group symbols/insignia located on the new sign.” Those signs were probably put up to make the public aware that Corbin most likely has some sort of a mental health issue. Many Indian River County residents have been concerned over whether or not Corbin is fit to serve on the School Board of Indian River County’s Public School System as a result.

Russ Lemmon and Vero News/Vero32963’s Ray McNulty have yet to write anything on the police report from the initial Crazy Corbin says sign, which says the Sheriff’s Office will not be filing charges and no hate crime was committed.

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