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Vero Beach Police Announces Drug Arrest, Fraud Suspect Turns Themself In and VB PD is Looking For Theft Suspect

September 21, 2022

Editor’s Note: All are Innocent Until Proven Guilty in a Court of Law. Indian River News stands for Due Process per the 4th and 14th Amendments of the U.S. Constitution along with Article I Section 9 of the Florida State Constitution

Suspect Wanted for Theft

On September 18th, 2022, a homeless man possibly named David Parker had stolen multiple liquor bottles from a Publix Liquor store on 21st Street in Vero Beach.

The post said Parker is usually around the unincorporated community of Gifford. The road he’s usually on is 43rd Avenue. He left the store on a silver mountain bike.

Vero Beach Police Department is asking residents to contact Detective Evans. His phone number is 772-978-4662 and email is

Click here to view the original Facebook post about the suspect.

Arrest on Drug Charges

On September 16th, 2022 Tyler Bendo was arrested on drug related charges. He was pulled over after failing to stop completely at a stop sign.

According to the Vero Beach Police Department, the following was found in Bendo’s car:

  • 52.2 grams of Fentanyl

  • 1.4 grams of Methamphetamine

  • Approximately 35 various Pills (some unidentified)

  • 2 “Meth Pipes”

  • Digital Scale

Bendo is currently being held on bond set at $171,000. He was on probation at the time of his arrest.

Click here to view the original Facebook post about Bendo’s arrest.

Suspect Turns Themselves in on Fraud Charge

Former Holy Cross Catholic Church Parish Administrator Deborah True turned herself in to Vero Beach Police on September 19th, 2022. She has been charged with one count of Organized Fraud.

In 2012, True, with now deceased Father Richard Murphy, opened a bank account in the Church’s name, but hid the account from the Diocese of Palm Beach.

True used the bank account to pay off debt she owed and took additional money for herself.

The investigation started after the Diocese of Palm Beach reached out to the Vero Beach Police over the matter in December 2021.

True has since posted bail at $50,000.

Click here to view the original Facebook post regarding True.

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