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Local Non-Profit Seeks Donated Land for Covid and Inflation Relief Campgrounds

March 16, 2023

Fellsmere, Florida – Camp Hummingbird Shelters and Retreats Inc, a non-profit organization, is seeking donated land to create quick and efficient campgrounds to aid in Covid and inflation relief. The organization aims to ease the loss of housing by offering pre-set up tents/structures, basic necessities, and social services, as well as job training.

With the current rise in poverty and the working homeless population globally, the organization’s goal is to provide aid to those in need. The campgrounds will offer commercial showers, toilets, pet showers, laundry facilities, communal kitchens, and on-site storm shelters.

“We will work with outside agencies to provide social services such as but not limited to, mental, behavioral, out-patient substance abuse, animal/pet therapy, educational classes/training, grievance, and case management,” said JenniferMarie Rahm, President of Camp Hummingbird Shelters and Retreats Inc.

To create the campgrounds, the organization is targeting specific grants, surplus sales of expired military equipment, and personal donations. Campers will be renovated to be solely sleeping areas, creating less maintenance.

“We refuse to clear land but instead wish to preserve native species and work around wildlife. We will use all-natural remedies in replacement of pesticides and fertilizers. Recycling as much as possible including utilizing used furniture etc. Using washable dishes in the dining hall and creating fun and interesting Recycling projects such as fire starters,” said Rahm.

The organization is eco-friendly and aims to be self-sustainable by creating a productive interactive community that will include maintaining hummingbird and edible gardens, urban farming, native and invasive plant and animal education, survival skills training, and more.

The main source of self-sustainability for the organization will be through their Redneck Glamping Camping Retreats. The Redneck Retreats will offer similar services to their Community Campgrounds and will accommodate guests with pre-set up top-of-the-line glamping sites.

“We vow to take low wages at the top of the chain and be high-wage payers to employees. This is a true All-American, down-to-earth old school organization! Come be a part of HISTORY!” said Rahm.

The organization is calling on individuals and businesses to donate land for the campgrounds and help support their mission. For more information, contact them at

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