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Vero Beach Police Arrest Drug Dealer – March 2023

March 18, 2023

Vero Beach, Florida – A recent investigation conducted by the Vero Beach Police Department’s Special Investigations Unit into the sale of narcotics led to the arrest of Gary Ritto, who was charged with multiple drug-related offenses.

In March 2023, investigators conducted a controlled purchase of cocaine from Mr. Ritto, which was later tested and found to contain both cocaine and fentanyl. On March 14, 2023, Vero Beach Police Officers pulled Mr. Ritto over for not wearing a seatbelt and used K-9 “Batman” to search his vehicle. The dog detected the presence of narcotics, leading to a subsequent search of Mr. Ritto and his car.

During the search, officers discovered drug paraphernalia, a digital scale, 2.9 grams of MDMA/fentanyl, and $8,662 in cash. Mr. Ritto was taken into custody without incident and charged with several offenses, including Sale/Delivery of a Controlled Substance Within 1000’ of a School, Possession of Controlled Substance, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and forfeiture of the $8,662.

As of now, Mr. Ritto remains in custody at the Indian River County Jail on a $55,500.00 bond. The Vero Beach Police Department hopes that this arrest will serve as a warning to those who continue to sell illegal drugs in the community.

According to the police, the presence of fentanyl in the cocaine purchased from Mr. Ritto is especially concerning. Fentanyl is a potent synthetic opioid that is often added to drugs like cocaine and heroin to increase their potency. Unfortunately, it has been responsible for a significant number of drug-related deaths in recent years.

The Vero Beach Police Department is urging anyone with information regarding illegal drug activity in the area to contact them immediately. They hope that by working together, they can continue to make the community safer and drug-free.

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