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Camp Hummingbird Responds to Inquiry about Financial Records

March 20, 2023

Camp Hummingbird Shelters and Retreats Inc. President Jennifer Rahm has responded to an inquiry by Sebastian Vice Mayor Chris Nunn about the financial records for her Not-for-Profit organization.

Nunn said he requested the records a few times from Camp Hummingbird and did not get a response each time. He stated not for profit organizations are supposed to be transparent and provided financial records upon request.

After Nunn’s Facebook comment making the inquiry on one of our Facebook Posts of a previous story we covered about Camp Hummingbird, we decided to contact Rahm about the financial records. (Related: Local Non-Profit Seeks Donated Land for Covid and Inflation Relief Campgrounds)

Nunn has been known to call for accountability in his role as a member of the Sebastian City Council towards the Sebastian City Government and prior to be elected as a Council-Member.

Camp Hummingbird Shelters and Retreats is a Not-for-Profit Organization that seeks to create community campgrounds from donated land to help house Indian River County’s working homeless populations, not transient homeless. They also seek to create Redneck Glamping Retreats to create revenue for the community campgrounds.

Rahm said that since Camp Hummingbird has not ever accepted any type of financial donation since its incorporation in 2021, it does not have any financial records maintained.

Rahm has taken a vow to not accept any type of monetary donations until either the land is acquired or donated for her organization’s Redneck Glamping Campgrounds or for her organization’s Community Campgrounds, whichever of the two comes first.

Rahm allowed Indian River News to see the balance of Camp Hummingbird’s Checking and Savings accounts at the bank the accounts are held at. A bank teller had printed off the transaction history for each of Camp Hummingbird’s bank accounts.

The checking account only has a balance of $50 and the savings account only has a balance of $5. Each of these amounts are the respective minimum balance required for each account at the bank for Camp Hummingbird. The initial funds that were deposited when the bank accounts were opened in 2021, came from Rahm’s personal checking account.

There are also no debit cards for Camp Hummingbirds bank accounts. Camp Hummingbird does not have any credit cards.

Rahm says to the best of her knowledge, no one within Camp Hummingbird has ever been asked about the organization’s financial records by Nunn or any other person for that matter, at the time of providing comment to Indian River News.

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