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Ed Henry Interviews Vero Beach Republicans

Real America's Voice Anchor Ed Henry with Co-Host
March 27, 2023

Real America’s Voice Anchor Ed Henry interviewed various Indian River County Republicans at Pointe West Country Club on March 25th, 2023.

Henry was at Pointe West as a part of an event with the Vero Beach Republican Women Federated.

The interviews were done as a part of a larger livestream event for former President Donald J. Trump’s first official 2024 campaign rally in Waco, Texas.

Some notable interview guests were Indian River County Tax Collector and former Republican Party of Florida Chairman Carole Jean Jordan, Indian River County Sheriff Eric Flowers and Vero Beach Mayor John Contugno.

Guests spoke about a wide range of topics that included President Trump, Governor DeSantis, Indian River County, the current situation in America and the future of the Country. A lot of the guests were asked to share their thoughts on the Presidential race, specifically their thoughts on President Trump and Governor DeSantis.

Governor DeSantis has not filed to run for President, though many reports have suggested the Governor has as a strong interest in doing so.

Henry was encouraging of interviewees to share their opinions while being interviewed.

Vero Beach Republican Women Federated President Carole Jean Jordan spoke with Henry in the opening portion of the livestream. Jordan spoke about Indian River County and the current state of affairs in the United States, including the Presidential Race.

Jordan said the Republican Party has many great candidates while the Democrats have no viable candidates for 2024 and pointed to the incompetence of Vice President Kamala Harris.

Jordan also acknowledged the not for profit efforts of Ted Pankewicz and his organization For the Love of Paws.

For the Love of Paws helps provide pet food for those who may not be able to afford to do so. The organization also helps to care for the pets of Senior Citizens for a period of time if they can’t do so. The organization also helps with adoption of pets if a Senior Citizen can’t take care of their pet anymore.

Vero Beach Republican Women Federated serves as President of the Vero Beach Republican Women Federated and former Republican Party of Florida Chairman Carole Jean Jordan.

When Vero Beach Mayor John Contugno was interviewed, the discussion centered around how he got into politics, his experience and perspective as the Mayor of Vero Beach, Florida and general thoughts on National Politics.

Contugno mentioned his advocacy with the Alzheimer’s Association, which is how he got appointed by Governor DeSantis to the Florida State Commission for Alzheimer’s Disease.

Contungno spoke at the 2023 Indian River County Legislative Delegation meeting as a part of his advocacy related to Alzheimer’s Disease.

Indian River County Republican Executive Committee Chairman Rev. Dr. John Vacchiano was one of the guests interviewed. He was asked by Henry his thoughts of the public dispute between President Trump and Governor DeSantis.

Vacchiano said the left has done a “good job” of putting President Trump and Governor DeSantis against one another. He thinks Trump and DeSantis agree on a lot with what they want to for the United States and have a lot of similarities with one another. He also pointed to how many Floridians want Governor DeSantis to finish a full 2nd term in Florida as Governor before running for President.

Sheriff Flowers spoke about the out of control crime in Democrat ran cities, illegal immigration and his experience as the elected Sheriff in Indian River County.

Sheriff Flowers said Florida is a “wonderful place to be a Sheriff” and said people have come to Florida to work, fleeing Democrat ran areas that have lacked proper support for law enforcement, which have included insane regulations, such as needing to call a prosecutor to make a felony arrest, despite having probable cause.

Sheriff Flowers said the incentives touted by Governor DeSantis for Law Enforcement to come to Florida have been positive for Florida. Flowers and the news anchors also pointed out the Democrat and moderate parts of Florida that are still clinging to ‘defund the police’ initiatives are losing on that front.

Vero Beach Young Republicans President, Taylor Dingle, spoke about his perspective on current events happening within our country and within the Republican Party.

Dingle called out the crazy Soros backed District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who has been rumored to indict President Trump. Bragg has been labeled as a “Political Weapon” for Soros’s agenda.

Governor DeSantis in August 2022 had suspended Soros-backed State Attorney Andrew Warren for his unwillingness to enforce the law and signing a letter that he would not enforce a ban on transgender surgeries on minor children, which has become a hot-button controversy in recent years.

When asked about the divide within the Republican Party over Governor DeSantis possibly running against former President Trump, Dingle said he is waiting to see who the Republican nominee is. He said he’s a Republican because of his values and principles, not because of a person.

Dingle said America has widely departed from commonsense and common core in our educational institutions and expressed concern about the indoctrination of young people in America’s schools and colleges.

Dingle has previously ran for Vero Beach City Council.

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Ed Henry with Vero Beach Republican Women Federated Board Member Bonnie Sciarretto
Left to Right: Ed Henry, Bonnie Sciarretto (VBRWF Board Member)

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