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Successful 2023 Cinco de Mayo Event Held by Hispanic Republicans of Indian River

May 15, 2023

The Hispanic Republicans of Indian River held a very successful Cinco de Mayo event on May 4th, 2023 at the Heritage Center in the City of Vero Beach.

Republican Executive Committee of Indian River County Chairman Rev. Dr. John Vacchiano (R-Sebastian) gave a power opening invocation.

Edwin Saro did a fantastic job singing the national anthem at the beginning of the event.

Hispanic Republicans of Indian River President Sandra Rivera gave a great, lively speech about the importance of everyone being involved to ensure the future and survival of the United States and prevent the country from falling into Communism.

Rivera also called up and acknowledged the Executive Board of the Hispanic Republicans during her speech.

Food available for patrons included various Hispanic quinine such as tacos. The Hispanic Republicans got the food from a local Mexican restaurant Ay! Jalisco.

Faustina Guzman-Trump spoke at the event, talking about the importance of being involved with campaigning for Republican candidates, and spoke about how her home country Venezuela was ruined by Communism and leftwing policies.

The event also had mariachi and a DJ.

HRIR President Sandra Rivera with Mariachi Performer

Lydia MalDonado Community Outreach for the Republican Executive Committee of Palm Beach County had spoken at the event. She spoke about various Republican victories in her speech, including Republicans winning Palm Beach County, Florida in the 2022 election, saying it was a first in the history of Florida.

MalDonado during her speech pointed out that May 4th is the National Day of Prayer.

MalDonado is running for Chairman of the Republican Executive Committee Palm Beach County in light of their Chairman recently resigning (at the time of the Cinco de Mayo event occurring).

The Chairman resigned since he was appointed by the Governor to be a Commissioner of Palm Beach County.

MalDonado is running for REC Chairman of Palm Beach County due to the work she’s put in for the Republican Party in the last four years, including working on Governor DeSantis’s campaign, all the Republican candidates in Palm Beach County, and reaching out to people of all walks of life, such as Hispanics, African Americans, and even Muslims.

MalDonado also wants to reach the younger generation to help register them to vote and become candidates in the future. She has been looking to connect herself and local Palm Beach Republicans with more people from different walks of life who care about the United States and our American way of life.

MalDonado has worked for Latinos for Trump, is a part of Faith Leaders for Trump, and is an ordained minister. MalDonado is a community activist.

Bianca Gracias from Latinos for Trump spoke at the event.

Latinos for Trump was officially incorporated in 2018 to help educate and provide government policy.

Gracias gave a presentation before she spoke, showing all the rallies and places she has been to across the United States.

Gracias spoke about how she got involved in politics, supporting President Trump.

Gracias in her speech placed importance on God in her walk in politics, crediting him for putting her into politics.

Gracias even got a job offer from the Republican Party of Texas doing Hispanic Engagement.

Gracias also worked with Christian Pastors to outreach to Hispanics.

Gracias placed an emphasis on Abortion during her speech.

Gracias’ work has led to people over the ages of 50 and 70 who never voted, getting them to vote for the first time in their lives.

Indian River County Commissioner Laura Moss (R-District 5, Vero Beach) and St. Lucie County Republican National Hispanic Assembly Chairman Laura Roscoe were in attendance at the Cinco de Mayo event.

Below are images from the event:

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Hispanic Republicans of Indian River President Sandra Rivera

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