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Where to watch Governor DeSantis’ Speech at 2022 Moms for Liberty National Summit

July 16, 2022

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis gave a speech the 2022 Moms for Liberty National Summit in Tampa, Florida.

You can click here to watch the video or view the embedded Facebook Post below. The live video was taken by Moms for Liberty Indian River, Florida Chairman Jennifer Pippin, who was present for the Governor’s Speech.

The Governor spoke about the various challenges that have gone on with education in the State of Florida and across the United States. These challenges have included what went on during the COVID-19 Pandemic, ensuring far left radical ideas like Critical Race Theory and similar, are kept out of our schools.

The Governor also spoke about his experience with the Parents Rights in Education Bill from the 2022 Legislative Session. He spoke about the left’s reaction and his thoughts on that.

Moms for Liberty Indian River, Florida Chairman Jennifer Pippin told Indian River News “The Moms for Liberty National Summit has been amazing and parents, grandparents and community members from all over the country are here enjoying the free state of Florida and outstanding speakers. We are having breakout sessions and learning so much! Governor DeSantis’s speech was moving and the truth we were speaking here right in our county that often times fell on deaf ears for children. We will continue to grow as an organization that is at 100,000 members in 38 states and over 200 chapters nationwide. Looking forward to the next national summit!”

Moms for Liberty was launched in 2021 by former School Board Members Tina Descovich and Tiffany Justice, after each stopped serving in office. Descovich was defeated in her bid for reelection and Justice chose to not seek reelection.

Descovich served on the Brevard Public Schools Board from 2016-2020 in the District 3 Seat.

Justice served on the Indian River County School Board from 2016-2020 in the District 5 Seat.

Indian River County’s Moms for Liberty Chairman is Jennifer Pippin, who has served since the creation of that Chapter. Chris Allen currently serves as Vice Chairman. Rick Allen serves as a member of the Board.

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