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Moms for Liberty National Announces Tia Bess as Director of Outreach

March 30, 2023

Moms for Liberty National has recently welcomed Tia Bess as the new National Director of Outreach. Bess, a mother of three with a blended family, will join the organization in an official capacity after being a member for two years.

Co-Founders Tiffany Justice and Tina Descovich expressed their excitement about the new addition to the team, saying, “Tia is a mom of three kids that has overcome great obstacles, she embodies what it means to be a joyful warrior for the future of our children. She has a passion for advocating for freedom and liberty and we are excited to add her to the growing team.”

Moms for Liberty Indian River, Florida Chairman Jennifer Pippin told Indian River News “Tia Bess has been an amazing M4L advocate for children across her county and the state. We are blessed to have her on the national outreach team and hope everyone who meets her will adore her as much as I do! I’m so happy and stoked for her for this position for her! Love you Tia and go get them girl!”

Bess is expected to share the importance of fundamental parental rights and work to help parents across the country hold the public education system accountable, providing each new generation of Americans with an opportunity to succeed. She hopes to inspire parents, grandparents, and caregivers to come together, no matter their circumstances, social status, family background, or political affiliation to invest in the future of America’s youth.

Bess’s passion for advocating for freedom and liberty stems from her own experience. She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but left for Norfolk, Virginia at the age of seven due to gang violence in the area. Shortly after moving to Virginia, her family settled in Jacksonville, Florida, where she learned that her zip code didn’t define her. This message is one that she hopes to spread to the youth of America.

Bess has experience serving as a community outreach coordinator for a pregnancy center in Jacksonville, Florida, where she coordinated collecting supplies for expecting mothers. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Sciences from Florida State College in Jacksonville and has plans to pursue her master’s degree in the near future.

In her new role as National Director of Outreach for Moms for Liberty, Bess hopes to reach out to moms and dads across the country to share the truth about what’s happening in our schools. Her mission is to ensure that parents have a voice in their children’s education and to create a better future for America’s youth.

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