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Statement by REC of IRC Chairman Rev. Dr. John Vacchiano on President Trump’s June 13th, 2023 Federal Indictment Proceedings in Miami, Florida

June 13, 2023

Indian River County, FL (IRN) — In a bold statement issued on June 13th, 2023, Reverend Dr. John A. Vacchiano, Chairman of the Republican Executive Committee of Indian River County, called for all “freedom-loving Americans” to denounce the indictment proceedings against former President Donald J. Trump, labeling them a “two-tiered justice system” and an “absolute act of domestic terrorism upon the American people and the United States Constitution.”

Rev. Dr. Vacchiano’s statement came as a response to the latest events in the ongoing legal persecution of former President Donald J. Trump, with the proceedings taking place at the Wilkie D. Ferguson, Jr. U.S. Courthouse in Miami, Florida.

Vacchiano, a vocal supporter of the 45th president, criticized the Biden administration for what he calls the “Political Weaponization of the Justice Department.” The Chairman draws a stark warning from Federalist Paper 78, penned by former U.S. Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, which states, “…that as Liberty can have nothing to fear from the judiciary alone, but would have everything to fear from its union with either of the other departments;”

With the indictment proceedings, the Chairman asserts that the union Hamilton warned about is in clear view and presents a grave threat to the liberty of the American people. Vacchiano insists this move by the Justice Department is an act of election interference.

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