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FBI Raids President Trump’s Home in Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach County, Florida

August 8, 2022; Updated November 9, 2022

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has raided President Donald J. Trump home in Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach County, Florida.

President Trump said in a statement “there are dark times for our Nation.” He said he thinks the raid is prevent him from running for office again in 2024.

President Trump compared the raid to the infamous Watergate Break-ins in the 1970s. He said the FBI even “broke into his safe” at Mar-A-Lago.

The full statement can be read on Truth Social by clicking here.

This story is developing and more detail may be added as it becomes available.

8:33PM EDT

New York Times has reported that the Raid is over 15 boxes of documents that contained classified information President Trump brought with him to Mar-A-Lago after he left office in 2021. He had “delayed” returning the boxes of documents to the Federal Government.

9:11PM EDT

President Trump has been recorded walking out of Trump Tower

Fox News Reporter Brian Kilmeade has confirmed from Eric Trump that there was NOTHING in the safe.

Governor Ron DeSantis tweeted the following, condemning the FBI Raid on Mar-A-Lago:

Senator Marco Rubio tweeted the following, condemning the FBI Raid on Mar-A-Lago:

Senator Rick Scott tweeted the following, condemning the FBI Raid on Mar-A-Lago:

9:18PM EDT

Florida U.S. Congressional Candidate and Investigative Journalist Laura Loomer posted on her Telegram Channel that President Trump was going to announce his run for the 2024 Presidential Election this week. Loomer is running in Florida’s 11th Congressional District.

9:21PM EDT

Governor DeSantis’s Deputy Press Secretary Bryan Griffin told Indian River News “the Governor’s Office was not given any warning about this federal investigation.” Click here to download the email Deputy Press Secretary Griffin sent to Indian River News.

9:37PM EDT

Former Indian River County School Board Member District 5 and Moms for Liberty Co-Founder Tiffany Justice condemned the Mar-A-Lago Raid on Twitter. She made a connection to the Department of Justice’s infamous letter calling Parents Domestic Terrorists for Advocating for their Children.

10:03PM EDT

Florida State Representative and Congressional Candidate Anthony Sabatini has called for the Florida State Legislature to have an emergency legislative session to change its laws about the State of Florida’s relations with Federal Agencies. He has also called for the State of Florida to immediately severe ties with the Department of Justice. Sabatini is running in Florida’s 7th Congressional District and has endorsed local Indian River County Candidates Jackie Rosario, Thomas Kenny and Joann Binford.

10:10PM EDT

2024 State House District 33 Candidate Chandler Langevin told Indian River News “The continued weaponization of the DOJ and other federal agencies against Florida is substantial reason for looking into extreme nullification at a minimum, or ultimately beginning discussion on secession.” In 2024, the State House District 33 Seat will be an open seat since State Rep. Randy Fine will be terming out by then.

August 9th 12:36AM EDT

Local Radio Host and Owner/Publisher of Vero’s Voice Magazine Rhett Palmer gave the following statement to Indian River News about the Mar-a-Lago Raid:

Partisan politics has stepped over the line now using the FBI and the IRS to manipulate. We are officially in a military state and it is nothing less than a coo. The left dictators will do anything to keep a non- politician from becoming a President again but… This could very well be their undoing. To burst into the home of a former United States President is treason. To threaten a Supreme Court justice is treason against our constitution that defines our republic. If this does not awaken the sleeping giant then be prepared for the gallows and camps the Germans created to annihilate any potential adversary to their ideals.

I am the shoeshine boy from Poughkeepsie New York. I never thought as an old man I might have to die for my country. I am terrified sick. The terrorists have arrived in sheep clothing and they are far more dangerous than wolves.

The Jews thought ” This will pass over” . Asleep at the wheel they remained docile.

I ask this; When will the leaders emerge from the ranks? If not you then who? I regret that I have but one life to give to my country. Arrogant evil is in control and will remain so until the hero’s rise up or the morphine of prosperity kills what once was the promise to the people of all others nations that fed hope of a better life.

Freedom is being threatened like never before.

Note this; I am not a political person. I am a member of the proletariat and a common citizen who would rather not get involved.

I have never been a conspiracy theorist. If I am alarmed there is reason to be alarmed. God save the USA.

August 9th 01:05AM EDT

Senator Marco Rubio posted a late-night video addressing the Mar-a-Lago raid, comparing it to something the Government would do in Nicaragua. He mentioned an instance where all the candidates that ran against Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega were arrested. He said those candidates are still sitting in prison.

Senator Rubio specifically pointed out many Presidential Administrations have had disputes with the Archival Office over what is and is not Presidential Record. Rubio said the Mar-a-Lago Raid was to intimidate President Trump. Rubio said doing something this was like playing with fire. He said this creates the prescedent for further abuse to happen in this manner. He expressed concern this could irreparably harm the United States as a Country.

Rubio said Attorney General Merick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray need to be “held accountable” for their involvement in the Mar-a-Lago raid.

August 9th 12:47PM EDT

State House District 34 Republican Primary Candidate Dr. Karen Hiltz Ed.D told Indian River News:

As many others have stated, this is the weaponization and politicization of federal agencies. This is egregious government over reach. This is unprecedented FBI action, to engage in an unnounced “raid” at a former President’s private property. Shameful!

Every citizen should be concerned by this raid. With the current bill in congress that authorizes the hiring of 87,000 new IRS agents, they will be used as political weapons.

This will not end well for those who choose to use fear and intimidation tactics. The American people will not cower and will rise up to protect our freedoms and rights.

May God have mercy on our republic.

TGI Now Co-Host Eddie Rivera said “it’s outrageous if it could happen to a former president that could happen to anybody why haven’t they searched the Bidens the Clintons the Obamas these criminals should be investigated not Trump who doesn’t even have a speeding ticket is all bullshit they just don’t want him to run 2024 they want to continue with this Tierney we have to stop it we need to stand up for country for former president and for America.”

IRC School Board District 4 Candidate Thomas Kenny posted on Facebook:

When it comes to civics and American history, let’s teach our students the meaning of when you have a government that doesn’t follow law, but rather, preferring a committee without allowing the accused to defend themselves with proper cross-examination of witnesses and equal representation within the bounds of law. Without apparent cause, the FBI raided the home of the 45th President of the United States. They have been confiscating materials and not searching them as they gather them. In effect, the FBI is indiscriminately stealing Trump’s property and private papers.

Truly tyrannical.

President Trump posted a Campaign Style video on his Truth Social profile. Below is that video on’s Telegram Channel:

August 9th 2:51PM EDT

Former Vice President Mike Pence posted the following on Twitter, condemning the Mar-a-Lago raid:

Senator Rick Scott has called for an investigation into the Mar-a-Lago raid.

August 9th 3:54PM EDT

Senator Marco Rubio released another video discussing his thoughts on the Mar-a-Lago raid and its subsequent consequences.

Congressman Bill Posey released the following statement condemning the Mar-a-Lago raid:

“The left and their woke allies in Washington have been obsessed with their phony narratives and disproven conspiracy theories about Donald Trump for the last seven years. He is the most investigated president in history and nothing criminal has turned up. Yet, the same Department of Justice and FBI weaponized against President Trump has turned a blind eye to decades of the Biden Family’s corrupt business practices and influence peddling in the Ukraine, China, Russia and elsewhere. The Washington swamp has been consumed with this obsession of getting Donald Trump at all costs— and it’s undemocratic. The Biden Justice Department’s raid on the former President’s residence is unprecedented and takes a page from third world dictators who jail dissidents and quash dissent. Instead, this Administration should be focused on fixing the economy, lowering prices, building American energy independence, securing our borders, protecting our communities from rampant crime, and countering China.”

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