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My Takeaways from Superintendent’s Workshop 12 p.m. 9/12/2022

September 26, 2022

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Confrontation at the superintendent’s meeting! Barenborg started to disrupt Rosario, but she wasn’t having it. Ends after a break with Barenborg being petty as usual. Keep up with the latest School District of Indian River County boring meetings! Please message us if we’ve missed something significant.

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1️⃣ 0:16:33 Rosario start discussion on missing language in Policy 2520. The June 3rd FLDOE letter charged the board to remove books that are out of date/circulation, not in compliance, and prohibited under 847. Policy is also missing guidance on donated books.

2️⃣ 0:20:17 Barenborg wants to get guidance/clarification on age-appropriateness from elected official.

3️⃣ 0:24:15 Jones claims that Chancellor Oliva said that not every library book is an instructional material. Oliva said it has to be tied to a learning objective directed by the actual teaching standard. Novels assigned are instructional. Wants to hold off Policy 2520 vote until October.

4️⃣ 0:31:09 Moore. After some time, the students will have access to libraries regardless of parents signing library form.

5️⃣ 0:31:53 Rosario read letter from FLDOE dated June 3rd.

6️⃣ 0:46:25 Barenborg starts being rude to Rosario by disrupting her.

7️⃣ 0:53:41 – 0:56:56 Resume disagreement after break. Barenborg is petty.

8️⃣ 1:14:38 Bass talks about partnership with Cleveland Clinic, Item F. Questionnaire will determine whether heart monitoring will be mandatory or not.

9️⃣ 1:32:48 Fingerprinting at schools.

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