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Indian River School Board Members Sworn In, Appointments Made 2022

Left to Right: Superintendent Dr. David Moore, Vice Chairman Teri Barenborg, Dr. Gene Posca MD, Chairman Dr. Peggy Jones Ed.D, Jackie Rosario, Brian Barefoot
November 23, 2022

On November 22nd, 2022, Dr. Gene Posca MD (Vero Beach – District 1), Jackie Rosario (Vero Beach – District 2) and Teri Barenborg (Vero Beach – District 4) were sworn in as School Board Members for the Indian River County School Board. Their terms will go from 2022-2026.

The Oath of Office was Administered by Judge Victoria Griffin of Florida’s 19th Judicial Circuit.

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Judge Victoria Griffin administering oath of office to Dr. Gene Posca. Dr. Posca's wife Julita Posca is holding a bible
Left to Right: Judge Victoria Griffin, Dr. Gene Posca MD and Dr. Posca’s wife Julita Posca

When Rosario got sworn in as a Board Member, she received a large standing ovation from the audience. Posca got applause from audience members as well. Barenborg received a small standing ovation from the audience.

Posca will be serving his first term on the board while Rosario and Barenborg will be serving their second terms.

Posca told Indian River News “I am honored to serve my home of IRC as a school board member. I will do everything in my capacity to advance education in this county , keep our children safe, and keep our families free. When I took the oath of office during my inauguration I agreed to protect, support and defend the constitution. I also stated later during the meeting this also means that I will not follow any law that is unconstitutional and violates the bill of rights. This is an expectation I have for every elected official, not just myself.”

The board would later select Dr. Peggy Jones Ed.D as Chairman and Teri Barenborg as Vice Chairman.

Barenborg previously served as Vice Chairman from 2020-2021. Barenborg was Chairman from 2021-2022 and Jones was Vice-Chairman from 2021-2022.

When the votes were taken for Chairman, School Board Member Brian Barefoot nominated Dr. Peggy Jones to be Chairman.

Barefoot, Barenborg, Jones voted in favor of Jones being Chairman. Posca and Rosario voted No for Jones to be Chairman.

Posca nominated Jackie Rosario for Vice-Chairman, with Rosario making the motion to second for her nomination to be Vice Chairman. Posca said “I think Jackie has shown quite a lot of interest in a lot of the issues, it’s been really a lot of time and dedication and I think she deserves at the very least a Vice Chair position.”

Posca and Rosario voted Yes for Rosario to be Vice Chairman. Barefoot, Barenborg and Jones voted No to Rosario being Vice Chairman.

When Rosario lost the nomination to be Vice Chairman, many in the audience were vocally upset at her not being Vice Chairman.

Indian River County Republican Executive Committee Vice Chairman Lamarre Notargiacomo yelled out “that is terrible” when Barenborg was made Vice Chairman for the next year.

Many Conservatives in Indian River County have been disappointed with the actions of Teri Barenborg, Dr. Peggy Jones and Brian Barefoot, during their tenures on the School Board.

After Dr. Moore called the meeting back to order, School Board Member Brian Barefoot nominated Teri Barenborg to be Vice Chairman. Barenborg served as Vice Chairman from 2020-2021 and Chairman from 2021-2022.

Each year, there are various governing bodies the School District of Indian River gets to make appointments to.

The following appoinments were made by the School District of Indian River County gets to make each year:

  • Indian River County Metropolitan Planning Organization: Brian Barefoot as Committee Member; Jackie Rosario as Alternate

  • Indian River County Economic Council (4 Year Term): Dr. Peggy Jones as Committee Member; Jackie Rosario as Alternate

  • Indian River County Planning & Zoning: Teri Barenborg; Dr. Gene Posca as Alternate

  • City of Vero Beach Planning & Zoning: Brian Barefoot

  • City of Sebastian Planning & Zoning: Still Deciding

  • City of Fellsmere Planing & Zoning: Dr. Peggy Jones

  • City of Indian River Shores Planning & Zoning: Brian Barefoot

  • Indian River County Value Adjustment Board: Jackie Rosario; Dr. Peggy Jones as Alternate

  • Executive Roundtable: Jackie Rosario as Committee Member; Dr. Peggy Jones as Alternate

  • School District of Indian River County Legislative Liason: Teri Barenborg

  • School District of Indian River County District Objection Committee (Board Member Picks):

    • Kristy Tankersley Molledo

    • Susan Aguirre

    • KT Carmax

    • LaDonna Corbin

    • Lauren Torres

  • Oversight Committee: Dr. Peggy Jones

For the School District of Indian River County Legislative Liason, Jackie Rosario had offered to become the legislative liason. Barenborg was very insistent on keeping the role of legislative liason and did not want to give up the role she has held as the District Legislative Liason. Her husband Edward Barenborg was a long time legislative staffer for now State Senator Erin Grall. Edward Barenborg has since resigned from working with State Senator Grall.

Present for the inauguration were former School Board Members Tiffany Justice (Vero Beach – District 5), Shawn Frost (Sebastian – District 1), Fellsmere Police Chief and 2024 Republican Indian River County Sheriff Candidate Keith Touchberry and Vero Beach Mayor John Cotugno.

Former 2022 School Board Candidates Thomas Kenny (Vero Beach – District 4) and LaDonna Corbin (Gifford – District 2) were present for the inauguration. Corbin, as stated above, was appointed to the School District of Indian River County Objection Committee as Barenborg’s pick.

Republican Executive Committee Board Members Vice Chairman Lamarre Notargiacomo, Secretary Linda Anselmini and Treasurer Steve Gagne were present for the inauguration.

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