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Dr. Gene Posca Vows to Follow Constitution and Donate His School Board Salary

November 25, 2022

Indian River County School Board Member Dr. Gene Posca MD (Vero Beach – District 1) said during the November 22nd, 2022 Indian River County School Board Meeting that he is “greatly looking forward” and is “honored” to serve the community of Indian River County, Florida as a School Board Member.

Posca said he is serving on the School Board as a service to the Community and will be donating his entire salary.

Posca then said “I wanted to make you all aware that in my opinion” taking the oath to defend the United States Constitution includes “not following Unconstitutional Laws and respecting the Bill of Rights and I will be doing that.”

Posca earlier that day had taken his oath of office to serve on the Indian River County School Board from 2022-2026 as a Board Member from Indian River County School Board District 1. Oath of office was also administered to District 2 and 4 Board Members Jackie Rosario and Teri Barenborg respectively. Both will be serving from 2022-2026 as their second terms on the School Board.

Posca is an Internal Medicine Doctor. He also lead the Indian River County Healthcare Heroes during COVID-19, fighting against the COVID-19 Vaccination Mandates for local Indian River County Healthcare workers and advocating for Medical Freedom.

Posca also testified in-front of the Florida State Legislature House Commerce Committee in 2021 in favor of 2021 HB 1-B, which was later signed into law by Governor DeSantis. 2021 HB 1-B prevented the mandate of COVID-19 Vaccination by Schools and Businesses. 2021 HB 1-B was written by then State Represenative Erin Grall (R-Vero Beach) and State Representative Ralph Massullo (R-Lecanto).

Grall is currently a Florida State Senator in FL State Senate District 29, representing Indian River, Okeechobee, Highlands, Glades Counties and most of St. Lucie County.

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