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Student with Firearm Arrested at Vero Beach High School

March 11, 2023

18 year old Ha Lecia Mckenzie was arrested on March 10th, 2023 for bringing a loaded firearm to Vero Beach High School.

Mckenzie was a 12th grade student at Vero Beach High School. After the arrest, Mckenzie will no longer be attending Vero Beach High School.

The arrest came after the School District of Indian River County received a tip about Mckenzie having a gun on her.

When Mckenzie was arrested, the handgun was found loaded in her front pocket.

Indian River County Sheriff’s Office said Mckenzie did not make any threats toward any students or teachers.

The School District of Indian River County has a zero tolerance policy for possession of weapons by students at schools in the district.

School continued normal throughout the district during and after the arrest of Mckenzie, according to the School District of Indian River County.

Indian River County Sheriff Eric Flowers stated, “I’m proud of our School Resource Team who work hard every day to keep our students, teachers, and faculty safe. I am thankful to the students and teachers who report suspicious behavior to our deputies. We take each tip seriously and will continue to have ongoing communication with the school district.”

Indian River County School Board Member Jackie Rosario told Indian River News “Although I am grateful this incident was reported before anyone got hurt, I’m saddened that a student was ever in possession of a gun in the first place. The female student is 18 years old and was arrested. I appreciate school staff and the IRCSO deputies for responding as quickly as they did. Let us always remember to say something when you see something.”

Moms for Liberty – Indian River, Florida Chairman Jennifer Pippin told Indian River News “Parents need to have the conversation with their children whether they are adult children or minors that bringing a loaded gun to school is absolutely inappropriate under any circumstances. It is illegal and completely unnecessary. There needs to be an investigation done of why these children that bring firearms to school and their reasoning so we can start to solve the issues of these weapons being brought to school whether they are being bullied, feel threatened at school, just doing it for attention, we need as a community to work on this.”

Mckenzie is currently being held in custody by the Indian River County Sheriff Department without bond on one charge of F.S.S 790.115.2A Possession of Weapon on School Property.

Indian River County Sheriff Department said there are more charges pending against Mckenzie.

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