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Moms for Liberty – Indian River, Florida Demands Resignation of Kevin Browning due to Racist Remarks

March 22, 2023

Indian River County, FL – Moms for Liberty – Indian River FL, a non-profit organization dedicated to defending parental rights, has submitted a certified letter to the Indian River County NAACP demanding the resignation of Kevin Browning from the Joint Equity Workgroup. Browning, a member of the workgroup, made false accusations of KKK affiliations against school board members and citizens who support the repeal of school policy 2260.02, also known as the “Racial Equity Policy.”

At the March 13, 2023 board business meeting, Browning publicly asked those who support the repeal of the policy “to take off your hood, show us who you are.” In his comments, he also likened the same innocent citizens to a diabolical slave owner character in the movie, Jango Unchained.

Policy 2260.02, which is said “not to comport with Florida law” by the Department of Education in a letter addressed to the district dated November 18, 2022, declares that the district operates from a position of “institutional racism.” Moms for Liberty opposes the policy because it is contrary to the district’s position of “equal opportunity for all” founded in Policy 2260 – NONDISCRIMINATION AND ACCESS TO EQUAL EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY, which is based on federal and state laws.

Moms for Liberty – Indian River, FL Chairwoman, Jennifer Pippin, sent a letter to the president of the IRC NAACP, Anthony Brown, asking for Browning’s resignation. Pippin said that “a person of such character who falsely accuses people of racism should not be on the Joint Equity Workgroup.”

Local education expert and former statehouse candidate, Dr. Karen Hiltz Ed.D commented on the racial equity issue, and specifically, Browning’s remarks. In her editorial for IRN she wrote, “Kevin Browning came to the podium and began apologizing for his comments before he made them. Why? Did he not mean to say what he said? Did he not mean to be offensive? I believe he meant to say what he said, or he would not have said it.” (Related: We Should Reject the Concept of Equity)

Moms for Liberty is a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization that aims to organize, educate, and empower parents to defend their parental rights at all levels of government. Founded in 2021, it has over 120,000 members across 44 states.

The Indian Rive County NAACP has not responded to Moms for Liberty – Indian River, Florida’s request at the time of publication.

Indian River County NAACP President Anthony “Tony” Brown and Indian River County School Board Chairman Dr. Peggy Jones Ed.D did not respond to our request for comment.

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