Local News

Moms for Liberty Miami-Dade Chairman Eulalia María Jiménez talking at a podium
“Frederick Douglas Republican” K-Carl Smith gave outstanding speech at a local Republican Event here in Indian River County called “Keep Florida Free Rally”
On the left is an image of a st bernard puppy. on the right is red text that says Missing $10,000 reward. Below both is text that says Female Saint Bernard-young 75lbs-kayce. Below that is a phone number 863-978-7644
in the foreground are boots that have American flags in them. This symbolizes residents of Indian River County who died in combat. In the back is the stage where people from the event spoke
left to right: Mark Pieloch, a woman in a red and light blue patterened dress. The blue suquares are bigger than the red ones. Vera Titova in a gray dress, Larisa Pakalin in a yellow dress with some black color.
Background has vehicles stopped at a stop light. On the right of the image, is a sign that says