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Republican Women: It’s Time to Stop Listening to the Left

To my GOP Girlfriends: It’s time to stop listening to the LEFT! I was at the last Republican Women’s luncheon in Vero Beach and the following day I read an article by Liz Peek for Foxnews.com. Both brought to mind a common theme that has been circulating throughout our party and communities in general – […]

The FBI’s Work in Mass Shootings Is Not Pretty

Editor’s Note: Esther Queen is a Pen Name to protect the author. Pen Name was given to use due to current attacks on Free Speech and Journalism. This Editorial was also published on American Thinker. Over the past twenty years, the FBI has been tasked with finding out more about how to prevent mass shootings. […]

Governor is Cleaning House

If you haven’t been to college in a while, you would think nothing of some new programs being given the heave ho. Not that there’s anything wrong with paying a high – priced university 50k a year for your daughter to graduate with a major in philosophy. But there are less useful programs. We used […]

We Should Reject the Concept of Equity

Stating the obvious: not everyone is going to agree on everything. This was made clear in the SDIRC March 13 board meeting when equity was brought up as a topic during public comment. Kevin Browning came to the podium and began apologizing for his comments before he made them. Why? Did he not mean to […]


The Electronic Registration Information Center is out of business in Florida. Secretary of State Cord Byrd just decided to take Florida out of this illegitimate voter information gathering NGO. A highly biased system with shaky supporters didn’t help conservatives in elections by putting its thumb on the liberal side of all registration questions. In announcing […]

Brian Barefoot Is Asleep at the Wheel

Startled by a pronouncement from the Executive mansion, Brian Barefoot has awakened from his nap on the dais. Recognizing that the legacy of his promised one term as a school board member is being directly challenged, Barefoot has decided to run for a second term. This unexpected announcement was filed by Ray McNulty of 32963 […]

The Train Wreck Times

Before I launch into the topic that has captivated much of America in the past week, let me post this note of local concern. Sadly, another train/car collision killed 2 people last week in Delray Beach. Shock of shocks…the NTSB is FINALLY investigating this accident. I thought this comment was rich coming from the NTSB […]

Don’t Trust The Post Office

Remember when covid allowed the Dems to push emergency vote-by-mail “emergency policies”? That’s when the doors of legitimate voting flew open. “Absentee ballots” went nuclear. Can we trust the U.S. Postal Service to get all these “votes” counted in time, with signature verification, affirmed by current voter roles, in lieu of picture ID and present […]

Deja Vu all over again!

As you know, we began following the workings of the school board and district when we heard about the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) senior position being planned back in March 2021. We started reviewing the entire DEI industry, a subsidiary of Education Incorporated, and understood this was window dressing for staffing up even more ‘experts’ […]

Stubborn Superintendent

After seeing letters jousting between the Florida Department of Education and our Indian River School District Superintendent, we see more defiance against conservative leadership in our state. Instead of adhering to the Parents’ Bill of Rights bill that Gov. DeSantis signed, some districts had to be notified that their penchant for more liberal policies, had […]